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Reliable Computer Repair Services in Melbourne

The frustration that comes with computer issues is hard to deal with. Unfortunately, most computer problems come unannounced and need expert repair services. This is where Total Mac Solutions comes to your rescue! Whether it’s slow performance, unexpected crashes, or error messages that refuse to go away, we’ve got you covered with our result-oriented computer repair services.

Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch PC repairs in Melbourne. We follow a process-oriented system for all our repair services which ensures timely repairs. Our mission is to be your next go-to partner for computer repairs in Oakleigh, Melbourne. When it comes to providing computer repair services, we not only concentrate on fixing the issue at hand but also focus on enhancing the overall performance of your device.


Our Computer Repair Services

We offer a wide range of repair services that help in improving the longevity and functionality of computers. Here’s a closer look at the repair services we offer:

  • Hardware problems
    Whether it’s a faulty graphics card or a malfunctioned hard drive, our technicians have the knowledge and skill to address all kinds of hardware issues.
  • Software issues
    From fixing programs to operating systems, we cater to all software repairs. This also includes virus removal, software updates, and reinstalling operating systems.
  • Performance issues
    Is your computer slowing down? Our expert technicians will breathe new life into your computer with effective repairs. The repairs will optimise your computer’s performance for a smoother experience.
  • Liquid Damage Restoration
    Have you accidentally spilled a drink on your desktop or laptop? Well, worry not because our technicians at Total Mac Solutions specialise in liquid damage restoration.
  • Computer screen repairs
    A cracked screen can hamper the functionality of your computer. We provide specialised computer screen repairs at our centre. We replace damaged screens with precision, using high-quality and original replacement parts.

In addition to the above-mentioned computer repair services, we also provide technical assistance for hardware and software compatibility, password recovery and security audits, software installation and configuration, and network setup.

Why Choose Us for Computer Repairs in Oakleigh

✓     Expertise Our technicians are not just skilled but experts in the field of computer repairs. Every technician in our team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table which ensures efficient repairs.

✓     Transparent communication We believe in transparent pricing and communication. You need not worry about any hidden charges or surprise fees at the end of the repair services! Before we begin the repair service, our staff will provide a detailed explanation of the repair process and costs.

✓     Custom repair solutions Every device needs a unique approach based on the issue. This is why we offer custom repairs to meet your device’s specific needs.

✓     Convenience We provide on-site repairs for the ease of our customers. You can also rely on us for emergency repair solutions.

✓     Fast turnaround We understand how urgent it is for our customers to get a hold of their device post-repair. Our streamlined repair processes ensure quick turnaround for devices and minimal downtime.

Glimpse of Our Computer Repair Services

  1. Detailed diagnosis
    Once you reach out to us with your computer issue, we first conduct a detailed diagnosis to identify the cause of the problem.
  1. Repair options
    After the problem is detected by our technicians, we will outline all the possible repair options available in the stated case and recommend the most effective repair service plan.
  1. Quotation
    At this stage, you will receive a detailed quotation of the repair costs.
  1. Customer approval
    Once the quote is approved from your end, we begin the repair process.
  1. Repair quality checks
    Before we return the repaired computer, we conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Next time, if you find yourself searching for ‘computer repair service near me,’ make sure to get in touch with us at Total Mac Solutions where technology meets expertise.

We recommend always getting a backup of your device especially when your data is important.

Before you leave your Apple device with us, we require to Find My to be turned off. This is to prevent unauthorized people from repairing your device without your knowledge


Out of Warranty repairs using genuine apple parts

Data Recovery

Software Support, update or restore

Backup & Data Transfer

Insurance Assessment & Quotation

Liquid Damage assessments and Repairs

Malware & Virus Removal

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