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IT Solutions

Total Mac Solutions specialised in providing professional IT hardware services for businesses and individuals. We offer hardware repair services for Apple devices using Genuine Apple parts sourced from Apple and provide IT support for small businesses in Melbourne.

As your trusted IT services company in Melbourne, we believe in following a customer-centric approach wherein we take time to understand your device issues and provide customised solutions that seamlessly align with your devices’ needs. We know how crucial IT support services in Melbourne are and therefore, commit to providing reliable services that not only address current challenges but also anticipate and work towards preventing future issues.

Still wondering what makes us one of the most recommended companies for managed IT services in Melbourne? Allow us to highlight a few compelling reasons:

Why Choose Us for IT Support in Melbourne

  1. Proven expertise

    Our team of IT professionals is highly experienced and trained. We have a successful track record of providing excellent IT support in Melbourne.

  1. Comprehensive IT solutions

    From providing IT services management and consulting to network solutions, we cover every aspect of IT infrastructure. All in all, you can rely on us for all kinds of IT needs.

  1. Quick and efficient solutions

    We understand that downtime is challenging and can hamper the productivity of individuals and businesses. Our commitment to providing prompt and efficient IT support in Melbourne minimises disruptions to your business operations.

  1. Transparent communication

    We maintain open communication when it comes to our services, timelines, and costs. Trust us, you won’t get any surprises throughout the service process!


Get secure and private access to the internet

You can access a safe, encrypted tunnel for online traffic with a reliable VPN provider. Encrypt your Internet connection, access personal or professional files securely, and maintain the privacy of your browser history and online identity. With a VPN nobody can access your online data, see through the tunnel or determine your true IP address and location.

What does a VPN do?

VPN conceals your virtual location and changes your IP. Basically, redirects the internet traffic through a VPN server before sending it to the destination your want.

Why do you need VPN?

Your traffic is encrypted when you browse over a VPN, making it impossible for anyone to see what you do online.



Using a cloud networking solution, your business can build a safe, reliable global network. With a network service provider, you can design and construct the special configuration necessary that suit your business  requirements. Optimise your network traffic flow and secure and support your applications. Have secure access to apps and data wherever you go while enabling extensive connection.


The key to performance is getting the best output possible out of your
network. Performance should never be a problem, regardless of how much work you have to do or whether everyone is on deck.


A failing Network is a fall in
productivity. This can be a result of
various reasons. Design, implement
and run the right network solutions to
minimise the impact on your


Total Mac Solutions offer world-class data recovery services to our business and personal customers.

We can recover data from almost any storage device.

Free Inspection


Issues you might be facing

  • File System Corruption
  • Liquid Damage
  • System Area Damage
  • Electrical Surge
  • Damaged Head
  • Deleted Files
  • Appears as Unformatted
  • Formatted Accidently
  • Damaged, corrupted Hard Drive

Hard Drive Recovery

  • Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive
  • USB Drives
  • External Storage Drives
  • Mobile Phones
  • Desktop PC/iMac
  • Laptops / MacBooks
  • Built-in Hard drives (MacBooks)

RAID System Recovery

  • Servers (Single and RAID)
  • SANs and NASs