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User-friendly technologies for active learning environment

No matter who their students are, how they learn, or where they study, educators need strong, user-friendly technologies that can support all students. Jamf assists schools in providing each student with an active learning environment.

Apple School Manager​

Jamf’s seamless integration with Apple School Manager enhances the
management and deployment processes for Apple Devices.
Jamf’s Education offers:

SIS Integration

By integrating your Student Information System, you may create Managed Apple IDs, dynamically update user information for students, professors, and staff, and schedule classes (SIS).

Device Setup

Automate device enrolment, iPad and Mac deployment, and app configuration in educational institutions to ensure that students have access to the necessary learning resources as soon as they turn on their

Access to assistance right away

Jamf makes it easier for teachers to manage the classroom and immediately pinpoint which children might need assistance or special attention. Students can "raise their hands" to signal a teacher when assistance is needed or teachers can check where the student is in their iPad lesson.

Virtual Classroom management

Regardless of where students are learning, teachers are given the tools they need to run their classes and keep them on task. This includes limiting certain websites, apps, and the camera in addition to locking all student devices simultaneously.

Apps that enhance interaction between teachers, students and parents

Jamf Teacher

Teachers now can manage their classes and lessons all while maintaining students’ concentration.

Jamf Student

Students get restricted permissions over their own devices and features to ask for additional help.

Jamf Parent

Parents can take control of the websites and apps the students have access to.

Jamf Assessment

Conduct remote web-based assessments with secure supervision and are compatible with all modern video conferencing programs.

Evaluate the educational experience with Microsoft

Have enhanced tools and services with Microsoft for better communication,
collaboration and creativity. Use top-tier apps and books, and productive teacher
and parent workflows.

In Total Mac Solution, we care about you and your education.

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